Equipment repair and maintenance

YAT’S Machinery & power core service is the leasing and trading of engineering appliances such as lifting tools and generators. In order to allow customers to buy or rent our company’s equipment with ease, YAT’S Machinery & power provides excellent and convenient maintenance services, and in order to be able to provide more comprehensive mechanical maintenance services, Yisheng Machinery. The powered maintenance team provides 24-hour mechanical repair and maintenance services to better meet customer maintenance needs.

YAT’S Machinery & Power is Hong Kong’s premier mechanical engineering company. In addition to having a large number of mechanical appliances, YAT’S machinery maintenance rate in Hong Kong accounts for 50%. The team has extensive maintenance experience and professional strength.

In addition, it also has its own maintenance workshop, which covers a huge area to ensure the parking of machinery to be repaired. Protect customer benefits, and ensure timely repair and timely return.

  • Container crane
  • Empty container stacker
  • Forklifts of various brands
  • Heavy forklift
  • Generator
  • Other construction or industrial equipment

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